G racespring Bible Church (then Richland Bible Church) was organized in March of 1983, when 75 people came together to form a new congregation led by Pastor William Sherbert. Later that year, the attendees voted to form a bible-teaching church, independent from other denominations.

Planning for a building and the purchasing of land was all done by faith and prayer as a building fund had not been established. Their desire was not as much to have a building, as it was to reach as many people for Jesus as they could. The small congregation dedicated a new church building with a 200-seat sanctuary just south of Richland on May 19, 1985.

God has blessed our congregation with continued growth since then, which meant the church building needed to expand. In 1989, storage, classrooms, and office space were added. In 1997, a multi-purpose worship center (seating 650), along with additional classroom and office space, more than doubled the size of the prior structure and allowed for further growth. Then in 2006 a 40,000 square foot addition was completed that provided nursery rooms and an 1,100 seat worship center, along with remodeling the previous worship center into the new youth room.


The Elders of gracespring Bible Church act as a governing body on behalf of the members of the church. We believe that the role of church government is to facilitate and support the ministries of the church. Elders are members of the church who use their wisdom, discernment, and leadership gifts to ensure that the church remains on a true course biblically and spiritually, and to oversee the church’s spiritual, operational, and financial integrity.


Our Beliefs can be summed up into simple 7 main points but we also have a detailed Statement of Faith for you to view.

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Membership is very important to us at gracespring. In order to become a member, you need to go through four easy steps.

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Tithing is important because it honors God. At gracespring, we try and make it as easy as possible for you to tithe/give.

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Serving is important to us. We have many opportunities for you to serve in the church and in our community.

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A spring is a refreshing source of fresh water. We believe many people have found Christ and His grace to be a refreshing reality at our church.  Our church has been, and will continue to be, all about GRACE.  Grace is a hallmark of our church.  Grace is not in competition with truth. Grace is a beautiful aspect of God’s truth.  Grace expresses itself through Christ in individual ways, which is symbolized by the splash images in the logo. We are different shapes and different colors and gifted differently, all flowing from the same spring of Grace, which is Jesus Christ, who is full of GRACE and TRUTH.  John 1:14

Grace has sprung up in our lives and redeemed us, and like a spring, flows from a source which continues to supply the spring with living water from its source. Our source is Jesus Christ, who is the living water from whom we must daily drink.  As one drinks from a spring, one often stands on a rock.  And so do we, as we drink at the gracespring.  We do so while standing not on the sinking sand but upon the solid rock, Jesus Christ and His Word.

These are just a few of our thoughts. It is God’s grace which has sprung out into thousands of lives, making our church what it is today. May His grace continue to abound more and more as we move by his grace into an exciting future.

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