gsLIFE Groups

God didn’t intend for us to do life alone, we are hardwired to connect. At gracespring, we encourage everyone to live out life with each other in the context of a group. It’s Biblical. It’s necessary to thrive. And it’s fun. Living life in community is not another program at our church but a way of living modeled after the early church in Acts 2:42-7. The goal of our groups is to live out our church’s mission statement: BELONG in real relationships. GROW to be like Jesus REACH people where we live work and play.

gsLIFE Small Groups & Doing Life Together

A gsLIFE group consists of 2-14 people that cultivate meaningful relationships as we BELONG through hanging out and enjoying relationships with each other, GROW through studying God’s Word and praying together, and REACHing by serving people where we live work and play.  Groups typically get together weekly (or bi-weekly) in homes, restaurants, or even here at the church for 1-2 hours to have a time of fellowship, discussion based on the past Sunday’s sermon or other Biblically based studies, and prayer.

gsLIFE groups

Common Interest Groups

Groups with Similar Interests/Hobbies

Common Interest Groups provide a network of people who have a shared interest or goal to connect with each other. Do you like to scrapbook, play board games, shoot handguns, or smoke food? There is a group for that, and more!  While each CIG establishes its own unique agenda, schedule of meetings and goals, the overall purpose of the CIGs is to connect with like minded people, learn from each other and just have fun!

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Wellness Groups

Fitness, Sports, & Healthy Living

Do you like to be active?  So do we!  From yoga, interval training, cycling, team sports, step aerobics, triathlon training and even full contact martial arts, there is a group to get in shape with!  No matter your shape, you are welcome! Find a group that you want to connect with and contact the leader to get involved!

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Support Groups

Response Care Center

Our Support Groups are based out of our Response Care Center, we utilize two types of support groups open and closed.  The open groups can be attended at any time.  The group is offered as frequently or infrequently as you want.  Our closed groups require registration and a commitment to attend for the 6 to 12 weeks that they are offered. Registration closes for these groups two weeks after they start.  Both types are led by trained volunteers and typically have no more than 12 people attending.

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gracespring University

Seasonal Classes & Bible Studies

The goal of gracespringU (gsU) is to equip you in a specific area of your life to be a more effective disciple of Christ. Classes are offered to anyone in high school or above, range from 4-12 weeks, are taught by fellow gracespringers and meet on gracespring’s campus. Come and gather to get to know other gracespringers and be equipped in a gsU class, then scatter, taking God’s message to the World! Seminars are one day events.

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Need some help finding a place to BELONG, we would love to help!

Contact us at or at 269-629-9622 x229.