Similar Interests / Hobbies

Common Interest Groups provide a network of people who have a shared interest or goal to connect with each other. Do you like to scrapbook, play board games, shoot handguns, or smoke food? There is a group for that, and more! While each CIG establishes its own unique agenda, schedule of meetings and goals, the overall purpose of the CIGs is to connect with like minded people, learn from each other and just have fun! Below are the Common Interest Groups we offer:

50+ Group

Adults (ages 50 & older)

Our 50+ Group are people who are over 50 who enjoy getting to know others, doing fun things, and serving together. They have various events throughout the year. If you are interested in knowing more about this group, please contact Robbi Bourne by email at or by phone at 269.615.5231.

Motorcycle Group

Sundays (weather permitting)

Do you have a motorcycle?
Come ride with fellow gracespring bikers on Sundays after the second service! We’ll leave right from the church and go for a ride to grab some lunch. Have you always wanted to ride, but don’t have a bike, you can come along too and ride with one of the bikers. Meet in NE corner of parking lot at 1pm, ride for 1 hour, eat lunch, ride home or extend ride for afternoon (1-6pm)

Want more info? Contact Phil Hayward at // 269.589.8316

Piecemakers / Quilters

First Monday of each month (September through June)

Do you like to quilt or want to learn and would love the opportunity to get to know other ladies in the church? Bring your machine and/or handwork and we would love to work alongside you, learn from each other and have some of the experienced ladies teach you in the process. We meet the first Monday of each month September through June 3:00PM – 7:00PM in Rooms 300-304.

Want more info, or to be added to the communications list? Contact Elaine DeYoung at // 269.685.7044

Cut ups / Scrapbooking

On specific weekends throughout the year

Are you crafty or just enjoy time with scissors and pictures? Come and bring your gear and paper crafting projects and join others who love to do scrapbooking. This group meets on various Fridays & Saturdays throughout the year. To find out when they meet next, please contact Sally Tanner at or call her at 269.274.9083.

Barbecue Brotherhood

Smoking Meat

Barbecue Brotherhood: We love smoking (meat) and we are proud of it! Are you interested in learning more about smoking food, want to share recipes, and would enjoy talking about bbq “gear?” Please join the Barbecue Brotherhood! You will be welcomed by one of our brothers, added to our email list, and sent the recipe for “25 Steps to Memorable Pulled Pork!”

Want more info? Contact Gene Davis at // 269.870.6321

Seasoned Sisters

Women 50+ yrs old

Are you over 50 and would love the opportunity to be connected to other women in the church? Join us on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 9:00 a.m. at Michelle’s Restaurant (4010 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo, MI). Sister, we have a place at the table for you! With the combined years of experience and wisdom around our table, you will find friends in your same place in life that would love to get to know you!

Want more info? Contact Sandy Skartsiaris at 269.720.9916

Game Night

Every Other Sunday Night

Do you enjoy laughing with others while playing board games? Come and join us every other Sunday night in a casual environment full of board games, movies, and fellowship!

Want more info? Contact Ted Dornbos at // 269.207.6677

Bible Journaling

Days vary throughout the year

Want to learn more about connecting your faith and creativity? Join us the first Saturday of every month for a fun workshop where you’ll learn a new Bible journaling technique and spend time together creating in the Word. To learn more about Bible journaling and to stay up to date on upcoming events, check out our Facebook group Anchored Hope Bible Journaling Friends.

For more information, contact Ashley Roe at or by phone/text at 269.366.8714.


Winter Season

Michigan snow. Some hate it. Some love it. If you own a snowmobile, chances are you love it and look forward to it each year! Join others who share in this interest and ride together in the snowy months on various trails in Michigan.

Want more info? Contact Sarah Norris at // 989.859.9588


Responsible Firearm Ownership

Do you strongly support the 2nd Amendment? Do you believe in the right to keep and bear arms in the United States? If so, this group is for you. We are gun lovers and like to get together to shoot and promote RESPONSIBLE firearm ownership.

Want more info? Contact Jeff Cabello at // 269.270.1870


Video Games (All Platforms)

Are you a gamer? Do you love playing video games online or by LAN? If so, this group is for you! Join us and play video games with other gamers of all ages across multiple platforms (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, etc).

Want more info? Contact Jeff Cabello at // 269.270.1870

Need some help finding a place to BELONG, we would love to help!

Contact us at or at 269-629-9622 x229.